Reindeer Ramblings - The word on hoof

If you had not guessed this site is by reindeer for humans.  We have tried to keep things as simple as we know how for humans are quite as smart as us more advanced antlered animals.

Our aim is to entertain and educate while also ensuring hat our caretakes (we let them think they are our ownders otherwise they woudl get a bit upset) have enough money to keep us well fed with lichen. 

Please read my story on the next few pages and I will keep you up to date on my progress through the season.

In my 'Out and About' section I have put in a few pictures of my fellow members of the herd, as once they heard I was doing this website they all wanted a piece of the action!  The one who just kept on nagging me to be featured waas Oslo - and its just because he has the lightest coat of all of us - I can see he has stars in his eyes but I am the one who knows how to turn on the charm when I need too....

Check out me in the early days on the All about Me page!